Friday, 13 August 2010

Cups, Cups, Cups

I love dishes. Sad & weird, I know but I like what I like. These are actually my mumma cups but I lust after them every time she produces them.
They are flower designs, they are so detailed & dainty. They are from Laura Ashley about two or three years ago & are made from China.
The first cup in the three actually has little pollen 'dots' at the bottom of the cup which you can't really see in the picture but they add a nice little touch to the cup. Plus if you have had one too many & you are given a cuppa in them you can be led to think that they are little holes in the cup!
On another note, I was thinking of setting myself either monthly goals or 'New Year Resolutions' seen as I am starting a new academic year. What do you think would be better - a single monthly goal or a list of goals/resolutions I want to complete by the same time next year? I would appreciate some thoughts on la matter.


  1. My mum has these cups too! But she doesn't like using them 'cause they're too pretty, I might have to sneakily have a cuppa from one of them one day :) xx

  2. We only use them on 'special' occasions :p hahah have afternoon tea for one or something x


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