Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Going to the chapel & we're going to married.

Just to pre-warn you, this post will be a little on the picture heavy side!

My lovely mother & I took a trip down to the National Museum of Costume in Dumfries. For those that don't know, Dumfries is on the West coast of Scotland about two hours drive from Glasgow. So we piled ourselves in to her car me, the mother, Queen, The Kinks, The Stones & a bit of Rod-ders thrown in for good measures & we were off...

The dress three down from the left was beautiful. It had such gorgeous detail around the neck but the room was busy when I got a little closer so wasn't able to get a close enough photo. The dress to the right of that dress was also gorgeous. They all were to be honest!

I had read that there was an exhibition on of wedding dresses from movies & being the old romantic that I am, I was excited to see this. I wasn't disappointed.

This dress is from an adaptation of Mansfield Park which stared Billie Piper. Beside this was a dress that was used in the movie adaptation which was much less glamorous & as I learnt much for in fitting with the style of the time. Apparently, the waist on this dress is too low, it should be more of an empire cut & it wouldn't have been so glitzy. Gorgeous nonetheless!

dress on the left is from the Billie Piper adaptation & the dress on the right is from the movie adaptation.

The dress worn by Jennifer Ehle in the series of Pride & Prejudice was there - gots to love some Mr Darcy, what a fox! - as was dresses worn by Helena Carter Bohmen, Meryl Streep and the wedding dress worn by Keria Knightly in The Duchess.

This dress was stunning. It was so detailed and beautiful. The size of the skirt was insane! If I am being honest, I would love to have the chance to wear a dress like this just for an hour or so simply to see what it was like!

Not to overload all you gorgeous readers I am going to save the main exhibition for another post. x



  1. Ohh lovely, i love looking at wedding dresses x

  2. I do too & cause famous people had worn these it made it even more exciting :p x


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