Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Save some face, you know you've only got one

Little action shot there...

I bought this blouse/shirt from H&M after the mother pointed it out, I wasn't too sure about it as baggy things don't really suit me but I got it anyway & am really happy I did. This is just one way I though to wear, I have a few others up my sleeve.
It is really comfy & versatile so my mum gets a round of applause for spotting it in the wilderness of H&M.
I love this bag too. It was a Christmas present from the mother & father. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or you can take the strap off and have an over sized clutch.
Blouse.. H&M
Vest.. Topshop
Jeans.. New Look
Shoes (Not seen).. Wallis
Bag.. Topshop
Ring.. Vintage


  1. I just bought this shirt too; just working out how I'm going to go about wearing it! x

  2. I wish they did it in other colours, it's so easy to wear :D x

  3. I saw it in white too, but I fear i might get it a little mucky! x

  4. white could be dangerous! specially seen as i'm a mucky pup most of the time :p x

  5. That bag is totally gorgeous, i remember seeing it in Topshop ages ago and loving it. x


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