Sunday, 22 August 2010

My Fairytale.

I was browsing some blogs & came across Indigo's post about her life sorted, she talked about how she would like her life to be. I thought I would do a simialr post about my 'fairytale' life.

I doubt this will happen but you have to dream!

I will live in Paris & for for walks along the River Seine...

I will marry a handsome french man with dark hair & delivate feautres. Possibly like Louis Jordan.

Or like Hugh Jackman (Swoon!)

We will maybe have children. Three boys named Max, George & Henry and a girl called Lily, Camilla or Claudia.

I will speak fluent french. We will spend our time reading novels, drinking champagne & haviing a very romantic life...

Okay my imagination has runaway every so slightly but this is my fairytale, have to live happily ever after!!

Tomorrow I will post My week in outfits so make sure & come back for that! Hope you are all well x


  1. Love this post! We chose the name Henry for our baby and then my brother called his baby Henry when he was born last month so now we have to rethink! x

  2. aw that's rubbish, love the name Henry! x


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