Monday, 23 August 2010

My Week In Outfits.

This is a new 'feature' on FTF, I thought it would be more interesting to do all my weeks outfits in one post. It will be easier for me too when I got back to uni. Let me know if you like this idea, please.

I only have four outfits for this week as Monday I was painting so it was old joggies & a tshirt and the weekend was my work uniform & jammies, so not very exciting!

Tuesday .. Cardigan, dress & leggings : Topshop .. Belt : H&M

Wednesday .. Dress & leggings : Topshop .. Shoes : Dune .. Scarf : Accesorize

Thursday .. Tshirt : Gap Sale .. Shorts :: Emma Creation .. Belt : H&M .. Bag & Scarf : Oasis

Friday .. Cardigan : Dorothy Perkins .. Top & belt : H&M .. Jeans : New Look



  1. i love the belt in the first 3 pics! it completes the outfits

  2. Thanks, love H&M for belts :) x

  3. Its a really good idea to do it all in one, much easier then doing then every day. I also love that belt, its exactly what i've been looking for x

  4. yeah saves time. H&M, think it was like £6.99 or so it has that amazing leather smell too :p x


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