Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mirrors, Cushions & cups

As I mentioned before, I am moving into a flat this coming weekend & have been getting stuff together for my new room.

I had to wooden mirrors in my room at my parents so decided to give them a lick of white gloss paint to refresh them & to give them a sort of vintagey feel. I'm really happy with how they came out & they go perfectly with the chair I reupholstered & painted earlier in the summer.

I had some fabric leftover from the seat of the chair so my lovely mother made me two cushions for the back of the chair. When I was in the material shop (I love these shops!) I spotted some burnt orange fabric with black suede detail on it & had to get it, it is actually the colour I want my wedding flowers to be - loser, so I got three cushions out of that ofr my bed. I have white bedding so they will go perfectly. My mum did an amazing job of making the cushions covers, I am tres impressed.

Another thing my lovely mum bought for me is a new cup & saucer, I love cups & saucers! I really love & it goes perfectly with my lovely red roses bought for me by .... myself.

So that is a little update on what I have for my new room, I am so excited to get in & make it all nice. I will probably do a post on it when I have it just so if you would like to see that.

Hope you're all well x


  1. Aww lovely its going to be gorgeous xx

  2. im redecorating my room at the moment, its fun making everything all pretty. i love tea cups too! i have one on my shelf that i made into a candle, put a wick in it and then poured the wax in! x

  3. @Em x Hope so :p x

    @QuiteQuanit It is! Oo that's a good idea might have to try that one :) x


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