Sunday, 16 November 2008

10 Beauty Resolutions

While moisturising my extremely dry skin last night I realised that I didn't actually do it enough, I wait until my skin is really really dry and my eczema is appearing again before I do
anything about it.
This said I have decided to give myself 10 resolutions and see if I can actually stick to them.
My resolutions.
1. Moisturise daily.
2. Take my make up off properly every night.
3. Wash my make up brushes more frequently.
4. Use heat protector spray on my hair everyday.
5. Stop buying nail varnishes in the same shades but from different brands.
6. Floss!!
7. Drink more water.
8. Exfoliate before fake tanning.
9. Don't wait until my eyebrows reach bushy stage before getting them waxed.
10. Stop touching my spots, I know deep down it only makes them worse!
So that's my resolutions, lets see if I can actually stick to them!

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