Friday, 21 November 2008

Favourite November Products!

Seen as November is drawing to a close (scary, I know! This year has gone super duper fast!) I thought I would do my five favourite products of November.

Every time I do something like this it is always five things but O'well.

So my five favourite things are ....

Numero Uno .. Barry M Lip paint in 101

Ive already done a post on this and The Body Shop Born Lippy Watermelon lip balm so i won't say too much but this stuff is my favourite lipstick of the moment. It is a little scary at first but with some underage lip glass or the lip balm its much nicer.

Number Two .. Rimmel Mover (080) nail varnish

This is just a black nail varnish but I really love it at the moment. I used to wear it all the time on my toes but recently I've been wearing it on my fingers and I LOVE it. Plus its cheap!

Number Three .. Tresemme Heat Defence

I'm not a huge fan of Tresemme, personally I find there products over rated but this stuff is pretty good. Im lazy and most of the time forget or can't be bothered with a heat spray but I've been using this alot and it seems to do the job and again its cheap!

Number Four .. L'oreal high Shine shampoo and conditioner

This stuff is awesome. Doesn't weight down your hair or make it really greasy. It just leaves it clean, super soft and shiny! Its cheap and widely available, what more could you ask for?!

Number Five .. MSF Natural

MSF's are the best buys EVER! They last ages, make your skin look nice and aren't overlay pricey. These things are my love! Ive done a few posts on these as well and said most of how I feel about them in that so I won't repeat myself (that would just be boring!).

What are your favourite products of November? or your least favourite? x

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