Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Should I dye my hair?

I have been waiting for this day to return and it came last week ... sadly.
My hair is slowly starting to go grey. Its not all of a sudden grey its just random stands
but I have started to notice it more and more.
This got me thinking, I have always wanted to have a darker brown shade of hair so this could be a really good chance for me to get it.
My natural hair colour is brown with some blonde in it but if I use brunette shampoo (which I do every second day) my hair goes a little darker and I really like it.
I have heard from a friend that works as a hairdressers that you should go either two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural colour so I think its going to be two shades darker.
I really love Claudia Winkleman's hair in the picture below, in older pictures it looks as if we have similar hair colours naturally but I think the colour her hair is in that picture is a little too dark for me ... what do you think?

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