Sunday, 2 November 2008

One Word Wonders

I saw this on 'The Makeup diaries' blog and saw that she tagged anybody that read it so I thought I would do it because I thought it was a fun idea.
So here goes ....
1. Clothes: Away to express yourself, how your feeling or who you are. I wear kinda smart/casual. Sometimes its jeans & a top or a skirt or a dress but I always seem to wear a cardigan with whatever I have on. Not sure why?!
2. Furniture: French boudoir style. Classic furniture really. Or in a similar style to Jane's apartment in 27 Dresses!
3. Sweet: Insolence perfume by Givenchy.
4. City: Glasgow, because I'm from here. Edinburgh, because I desperately want to go there for Uni next year. Paris, most romantic city in the world.
5. Drink: Cocktails ... cosmopolitan, key west cooler. Water & Irn bru.
6. Music: Like a little of everything.
7. TV Series: The Hills, Friends, The OC .. the list goes on!
8. Film: Anything with a love story or a musical. Nothing to serious or heavy because that's not really me.
9. Pastries: is a yum yum a pastry?? if so then a yum yum, you just can beat them!
10. Coffee: cappuccino ... the real one not the instant stuff in the packs.
Sooo amazingly good!

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