Thursday, 27 November 2008


I am a blush addict! I have recentely started really getting in to blush. I used to wear eyeshadow and that was my "thing" but now all I wear is eyeliner.
I've wanted a new blush for ages and the other day decided to buy Nars Deep Throat.
I love this stuff. It is a gorgeous light pink colour with gold through it and it is just gorgeous.
It is the perfect blush for my skin tone. It is light which makes it look more natural and it is just a gorgeous colour.
I also got Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss which I'm a little disappointed in.
For £17 I expected the most amazing lip gloss ever but sadly that wasn't what I got.
It's a gorgeous colour but I feels weird, thick kind of feeling and a little gritty. This may just be me but I was expecting more. Maybe my expectations were too high?!
I wasn't impressed with the lip gloss but I will definetely be buying more of their blushes in the future as they are fantastic quality.

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