Monday, 2 February 2009

Carrie Bradshaw

If I could be anyone of the Sex and the City girls I would probably be Carrie because she has amazing clothes, an amazing wardrobe & she gets Big!!
But if its up to my friends I'm Charlotte because I'm the only one with brown hair!
Anyways ...
I found pictures of two of my favourite outfits from Carrie (there are hundreds more that I love!) but here is two for now.

I love this outfit for the massive clutch!

The clutch makes the outfit. I've talked about over sized clutches before and I really do love them sadly I haven't found one that I like enough to buy yet.

This outfit is from the last season of Sex and the City when Carrie is in Paris.
To me this is what everyone should dress like! It is fashionable, individual & feminine.
What I love about the outfit it the underskirt - it is just so nice and pretty.
Also, the coat & dress are gorgeous - really classic and sophisticated. Plus the Louboutins!
If I was in Paris this is how I would dress (I would probably look silly but I can't speak French very well so I wouldn't know what people were saying unlike in Glasgow!)

Whats you favourite Carrie outfit of all time? x


  1. My fave is also that paris outfit. I looove the big white cuffs that fold up at the wrists xx

  2. @Lipsandlashes

    yeh I love them too.

    I basically want the whole outfit - I would look silly walking around Glasgow in it tho lol


  3. I love the blue tutu in Paris, it's adorable.

    I really liked the gold Louis Vuitton oversized clutch she has in the movie :)

  4. @ALice

    Aw yeh when Big finds her - I love that dress is gorgeous.



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