Sunday, 22 February 2009

Where I do my make-up...

I had planned on buying a french boudoir style dressing table from some of the 'junk' shops in Glasgow's west end but I'm moving out in August hopefully so there is no point in spending money on something that will be at my parent's house for a year so instead I am making do with my old desk (which does the job perfectly!)

This is my desk! I have my everyday make-up in the top drawer, my skin care & hair things in the second and random junk basically in the third drawer. My everyday products are to the left of the drawers and in the little plastic drawers are my nail varnishes, bangles etc, lip stuff I don't use too often and a drawer of random rubbish (yet again!)

I slit my stuff up with plastic drawers the same as the little grey set next to my desk.
Whats your make-up bit like? Thanks to dressjunkie for inspiring me to get myself organised as well!
Take care x

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