Friday, 20 February 2009

What I'm using at the moment....

This tag has been going around so I thought I would do it. There will be more posts soon about fashion etc - I have been super super busy lately with college assessments but they are done for now so I will hopefully be updating lately.
Shampoo - Andrew Colligne Volume one
Conditioner - Same as the above
Styling Products - A Volume spray by a guy I can't remeber his name! Aussie Voulme mousse & volume and shine hairspray. Somestime Nicky Clarke heat spray
Hair Mask - Don't use one :)
Shower Gel - Bosy Shop Shea butter
Bosy Moisturiser - Body Shop Shea butter or baby lotion
Deodrant - Sure
Fake tan - Nivea gradual tanner or Asda cheapo stuff
Cleanser - Baby wipes?!
Eye Make up remover - Asda cheap stuff. It is actually really good
Exfoliator - Body shop satsuma body polish or shea butter body polish
MakeupPrimer: Prep and prime
Foundation: Minerlized satin finish
Foundation brush: don't use one - use my fingers
Concealer: Select cover up
Powder: MSF Natural in medium plus
Blusher: pinch o'peach, deep throat, paradisco eye shadow or gleam eyeshadow
Bronzer: don't use one
Highlighter: Benefit high beam, gleam or 17 highlighter eyeshadow (which is actually the best out of the three!)
Eyeshadow base: don't use one
Eyeshadows: don't really wear any
Eyeliner: fluidline - blacktrack <3
Eyelash curler: Cheapo boots one if I actually remember to use it!
Eyelash base: don't use one
Mascara: at the moment NO7 intense length or something like that or Rimmel volume flash
Lipstick: Rimmel nude delight moisture lipstick
Lipgloss: not really wearing this at the moment- totally not like me!
Nail colour: Rimmel coralisious


  1. I think I will do this tag tomorrow! Enjoyed reading yours :) x

  2. @Shortiee31

    You should! I love these sort of things :D x


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