Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My Style...

I realised today that I talk a lot on here about what celebrities are wearing and what I like/don't like about the outfits, my hair (I talk about this wayyy too often!), some make up etc and random stuff but I haven't really told you about my style or what I like wearing so I am going to do this & start posting about outfits I have worn and liked or not liked.
So my style ....
If i had to describe my style in one word it would be simple. I am not one for trying to be really quirky & really into fashion yes I love fashion but I love the way everyone adapts it to suit themselves. Classic looks are my favourite looks & I think work for my shape - i have big boobs, a little waist and a bigger hips.
I have been trying to pull off loose, floaty tops don't work for me either - I look like a potato!
Instead I go for pretty tea dresses or skirts which work for me and I am comfortable in. If I want to wear trousers I go for jeans - skinny, straight, boot cut, wide leg but never boyfriend jeans - they don't work for me at all!
I always wear cardigans in fact I have one in nearly every colour which is a tad ridiculous but what can you do. Shoes for during the day are usually flats just some pumps, boots or a mid heel. If I am going out at night I wear a higher heel. In the summer I bring out the wedges and sandals :D
Bags, scarfs & jewellery - I have hundreds of these things! To me these make an outfit. They add interest & detail that can make an outfit something special.
Whats your style like? x


  1. This is an interesting post :)
    I'm always intrigued by personal style, though sometimes i find myself stuck in style ruts from time to time.

  2. @Alice

    Thanks :)

    Yeh sometimes I get bored wearing the same sort of things & I change it up a little



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