Saturday, 7 February 2009

Fascinators at Accessorize

So my cousin is getting married in 2010 (I know ages away but I love getting all dressed up in like a cocktail dress plus I love wedding - just for the fact they are about love & romance sad but true!)

Anyways, I was on the accessorize site looking at stuff and I came across the fascinators (I love fascinators - if I could wear one everyday I would!)
So here are a few of my favourites ...
This one is quite modern in my opinion - Its quite quirky & is a statement piece for sure. It says on the site it is to be worn slightly covering the face. This would look gorgeous with a deep red dress, black peep toes & a black evening jacket (not a dinner jacket) but something Carrie Bradshaw would wear - if you know what I mean?! This one is £30.
This is so beautiful & vintage. I kind of remind of Audrey Hepburn in 'how to steal a million'. People will definitely compliment you on this - it is so beautiful and a total statement piece. This one costs £22 - it is totally worth it. I would actually buy this just to have it!

Something a bit less bold & out there but it is still really pretty and different. I really love the giant bow - it is so nice. This one costs £22 and is still without a doubt a statement piece.

Another one but I thought four would be over kill, this one is kind of in between the first fascinator and the third one - I actually really like this one as well!

I don't know which one I would get because I'm not sure about what I am wearing (it is over a year away) so I will decided closer to the time.

Whats your favourite?



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