Monday, 16 February 2009

Scarlett Johansson

I really love Scarlett's hair & dress in this photo. It reminds me of old Hollywood 40's glamour - something that I love!
The dress is very simple & neutral but the colour works with her hair colour & skin tone.
The dress also suits Scarlett's body shape.
In other pictures you can see her hair a little better but it is again really old Hollywood - just loose curls with a big sparkly clip holding it back on the right side. I thought this was really pretty & added a bit of glamour & sparkle to the outfit.
What do you think of Scarlett's dress?


  1. yeah i really really like it. its simple but yet so elegant.

    the colour is nice too and really suits her. :-)

  2. @spitfire

    Yeh - sadly if I wore that colour I would look really ill but it really suits her.



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