Thursday, 30 July 2009

Six things

I was tagged by the lovely Sophie from to write six things that make me happy and then tag six bloggers so here goes ...
1. Music ... I listen to music all the time! It is a massive part of my day, life is just boring without a tune ha
2. Fashion ... I love seeing pictures of pretty things and buying pretty things. Sounds a little materialistic but clothes make me happy!
3. Family and friends ... for obvious reasons really! I care about them and they care about me. We have ups and downs, have a laugh, sometimes a good drunken cry on the kitchen floor (friends only, bit strange to do that with my family ha)
4. Books ... I love reading and going to book shops. Geek features!
5. Taking pictures ... I like documenting things and looking back on the old times (haha)
6. Sunshine ... everyone is always happier when the suns out :D
I tag everyone and anyone! x

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