Thursday, 29 July 2010

You know I know how to make them stop & stare

I am off culture vultureing as my dad called it this morning. We are off to a stately home on the West coast of Scotland seen as it is a gorgeous day.
I bought this H&M dress on Tuesday night, it was a total impulse buy but I love it. I got the tan leather belt as well which smells amazing! The bag is River Island circa 2007, I haven't worn it for ages then randomly hauled it out of my wardrobe the other day & used it again. The black ring is H&M also from the other day. I love it but it is a little too big those stupid tag things fool you into thinking it fits! Cuff is old school Topshop & the leggings & vest are Topshop basic ones. I wore some gold sandals from Wallis with it.

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