Monday, 19 July 2010

Gothic Chic

Goth Chic For The Win - written out in full to emphasise my love for it!

I wouldn't say I was particularly gothy: some of the music I like could be pigeon holed as 'gothy', I love wearing black, dark nail varnish in particular black is, in my eyes, a modern take on the classic red nail but I wouldn't say that I had a particuarly gothic style. I like love black but I also love floral prints, block colour & pastel nail varnish.
That said I love Billie Piper & Lily Allen's looks at the Glamour awards.

I read that both dresses are vintage which always makes dresses seem a little more special, I think. The dresses are so glamorous & sophisticated.

The detailing at the neck is gorgeous. Teamed with a red lip, it looks gorgeous.It has a screen siren feel about it. Laaave!
The sleeves. Need I say more!
I also love this cream dress that Lily wore recently. It's really simple & summery with a 70s hippie sort of feel.



  1. Wow! Billie and Lily look astounding. Lily's sheer sleeves are the stuff of dreams and Billie, well...she looks good in anything!


  2. The sleeves totally make the dress - love them. They both have amazing style. :) x


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