Monday, 19 July 2010

I looked into her eyes and I swore I've never written a cliche before And I'll probably never do so

Hey lovlies
just a quick outfit, the picture quality isn't amazing but I can't find my camera so had to use my web cam. You can get the jist of the outfit.

Just kept it pretty simple but I like it. Wearing my home made shorties which I love. Mon the shorts! I love my tights too - think a collection of patterened tights might need to happen soon. These bad boys are M&S of all places.

Happy face...
cardigan & top ... Top-of-the-shop
Belt & scarf ... H&M
Shorties ... an Emma creation :p


  1. Love the scarf. Patterned tights are fab, i love them to dress up boring or plain dresses x

  2. Thanks. I can see myself getting some more patternd tights in the near future :p x

  3. Hey Emma, tagged you in a challenge over in my blog. Would love to see your answers. PS that scarf is uhmaze



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