Saturday, 3 July 2010


I bought some new black dress shorts from H&M the other week & have worn them loads since.
I didn't have time during the week to upload these outfits so here they are together.

cardigan, necklace, vest top - Topshop, shorts - H&M, Tights - M&S, shoes - Tesco.

I love the gold button detailing on both sides of these shorts. They are really comfy & go with everything pretty much!

My leg looks weird in this picture - it's not actually like that :p

blazer - Mango, vest bag ring & necklace - Topshop, Shorts - H&M, tights - M&S

I love both of these Topshop necklaces. They are both a few years old now but have lasted really well, the big black costume ring is gorgeous too.


  1. you look lovely. your outfits are really nicely put together. xxx

  2. thank you, that's really sweet :D Have a nice day x


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