Saturday, 3 July 2010


I love Marina & the Diamonds.

Her songs are so catchy & actually mean something rather than just being a song someone has written for her which will make her rich & famous plus she has fantabulous style. And make up.

Fitted, bright, statement shoulders, bright lipstick. Her look is amazing. Sometimes some of her stuff is a little too 'quirky', for want of a better word, for me - her cartoon pieces are a bit too out there for me but she can work them & always looks amazing.

I love her new video too. It's so bright & 90s pop.


  1. Am convinced I need all of her clothes, any girl who likes herself some shoulders is good in my book. And fringing. It's a toss up of the full length green dress and the turqoise fringes jacket for prime place in my heart.


  2. I love both of the green dresses. She is soo pretty too x

  3. @beewaits Exactly! The girl knows what she is doing. I don't think I could choose just one thing, think it has to be all or nothing tbh :D x

    @Em x They are gorgeous, looks amazing with her dark hair too. i think Lily allen wore the second dress once aswell -must be a good dress Lp x


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