Tuesday, 27 July 2010

rollaway your stone, I'll roll away mine

I could try and look a little happier!
Not done one of these in what seems like forever but it was just last week so I am talking/feeling nonsense - nout new there.
I love this cardigan, when I saw it I had to have it. It came in black, cream & khaki but of course I chose black. What can I say it goes with everything!
I just teamed it with some denim shorts, a black vest top & a patent belt. Oh and some gorgeous vintage earings that I forgot to get a photo of but I will.

I bought these earrings in the Oasis sale. I thought they were quirky & at only £4 I thought why not. The colour isn't really true to life, they are a little more matte purple than in the picture. Now to find something to wear them with. I was thinking black. Shocking. I know.

I bought a Cath Kidston note pad for uni - a bit Elle Woods possibly but to be honest I don't really care. Might aswell write in a pretty note pad while learning. I got a new academic diary aswell which I hunted long & hard for. Eventually I setteled for a red paperchase one from Amazon which I lovvve.



  1. I have wanted that Cath Kidston notepad forever, and those earrings are lovely :)

  2. I love that H&M cardi soo much. I always had pretty things to use at uni, it makes it much more fun x

  3. Ooh lovely notepad! I'm on the hunt for a new academic diary too, may need to check that paperchase one out. You look lovely here :) xo


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