Tuesday, 16 December 2008

16 Facts Tag

I was tagged by Kerry1487. So here are my 16 facts!
My 16 Facts ....
* I live in Glasgow but hopefully am moving to Edinburgh next year.
* I am really emotionally and cry at anything practically!
*I am a Topshop Hoe! My friends don't ask were I get things from anymore they just know that it is Topshop.
* I love musicals. They always make you feel better when you feeling a bit down.
* My favourite colour is black, I buy everything in black.
* I love fashion even more than make up.
* I always have music on - without it the day seems a little bit boring.
* My favourite designers are Chanel and Christian Louboutin.
* I love the summer time. Hot sunny weather is the best kind in my opinion.
* I love reading. Give me a good book and you won't hear from me for hours.
* I love romance & romantic films.
* My birthday is on Halloween.
* I have one older brother, who is more of a friend than a brother.
* My favourite drinks are cocktails!
* I am shy around new people and take a while to get to know people.
* I am studying Business at the moment but want to study marketing with consumer studies next year.

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