Saturday, 13 December 2008

Studio Fix Fluid is Love!

A while ago I wrote about my hate for studio fix fluid but my opinion has now changed on it!

I recently bought MAC's prep+prime and tried Studio Fix Fluid again and I love it.

It even out my skin tone, cover everything up and with the primer underneath it doesn't feel cakey or like I'm wearing make-up.

I could have tried smiling but anyways ....

My shade is NW25, during the summer I bought the Minerlized Satin Finish which was perfect for my skin tone at that time of year however when I have been using it during winter it was a little too dark for me even with my weekly application of fake tan! The Studio Fix Fluid colour is a little paler and matches my skin tone a lot better for the time of year.

What I said about Studio Fix Fluid before I totally take back due to the Prep+Prime without it I would probably still loath and detest Studio Fix Fluid.

A little posing for good measure ....

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