Monday, 29 December 2008

Topshop Clutch

Looking for a cute, statement clutch for New Years Eve??
Check out Topshop - I was having a look around the website today and came across this clutch.
How pretty and glamorous is that?!
It is £25 (without VAT reduction!) and if you are along suffering student like myself then you get 10% off that as well.
It would amazing with a dinner jacket, black top, black jeans and some killer heels in a vibrant colour such as red.
Or you could use it to vamp up a LBD or add a touch of detail to a brightly coloured party dress.
No matter what you wear this with people will be looking and asking question! Who wouldn't its amazing!
What is everyone wearing for New Years? Anything special?

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  1. I have a black sequin clutch from Accessorize that I just love! I believe there is a pic on my blog, from my earlier posts. It's my fave bag ever!!! x x x


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