Friday, 26 December 2008

Red Nails

Before I start ....
Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and got everything they wished for. I had a lovely Christmas with my family and Santa Claus was very good to me.
Now back to the red nails ...
I have a shocking number of nail varnishes in my little nail drawer in my room - I'm actually ashamed especially seen as I hardly use 3/4 of them!
No matter what new colour of nail varnish I buy/how much I spend on a bottle of nail varnish I always seem to go back to my trusty Rimmel Dancin' Queen nail varnish.
It is a bright vibrant red and seems to be my 'comfort blanket' nail varnish. I don't know what it is about this colour that I love but it is without a doubt my favourite nail varnish colour.
Do you have a favourite nail varnish? What is it (maybe it will break my dancin' queen love)?!

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  1. My "security blanket" in nail varnish is chocolate fudge by Ulta... I dont know why... but i almost always end up with it on my finger tips.


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