Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Cheap Cleanser?

For a moisturiser I use Baby Lotion simply because its cheap and doesn't have a strong scent (one of my pet hates!). I had been using baby wipes to take my make-up off until I tried using baby lotion with cotton wool to take it off.
Using the baby lotion to take off my make-up has left my skin feeling really clean and soft. It has improved the appearance of my skin and it doesn't dry out as quickly anymore - which is always a good thing!
I just use the basic Tesco baby lotion and then wash my face with either the Neutrogena Wash & Mask or the exfoliating wash depending on which one I choose but it is mostly the wash and mask.

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  1. I used Baby Lotion to remove my make up when I stayed over at my Aunties on a whim made me skin feel great! I'd buying some this week, haven't really had a chance yet! The simple things are often the best I find!!! x x x


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