Sunday, 13 June 2010

Outfit Diary Six

The pictures aren't amazing & there are too many but here it is what I wore today.
I didn't do much today, wander round the shops and went into see my Gran & Grandpa so I didn't wear anything too fancy really.

I love Topshop long cardigans. I have a few. Two in this style - the grey one that is pictured and a navy blue one that has purple undertones in different lights.
I turned up my jeans to make it a little smarter & a bit different rather than just your basis skinny jeans.
So I wore...
Topshop vest with ruffle & button details, Topshop cardgian, New Look Jeans, Shoes from tesco which have worn really well and my bag from Oasis. Pearl & gold ring from Accesorize.
What did you wear today? x

PS. I am actually a pretty happy, smiley person. From my outfit pictures you would never guess!

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