Friday, 25 June 2010

Outfit Diary Eight

Turns out I didn't break my brothers camera - yayy so I pinched it again for a few shots before I went out to enjoy the lovely weather.
I wanted to premiere my new bag so went for a casual-ish outfit today. I have had this top in my wardrobe for about two years and have worn it a handful of times then forgot about it - I actually kind of like it.

I laaaaaaaaave my new bag <3>
Top Oasis, Jean New Look, Necklace Accessorize, 'Love' ring Accessorize, Gold & white ring H&M, shoes Topshop, bag Topshop.
As my new bag is so lovely & roomy I took a pair of gold sandals with me in case my feet got hot & sore.


  1. love your bag and your shoes. nice outfit :DD


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