Sunday, 13 June 2010

The girl with too many scarves!

Scarves are my, well one of my, guilty pleasures among other things.
Scarves can add something to an outfit such as a pop of colour or can be what 'makes' an outfit.
Silk, cotton, cashmere, wool, angora, sheer fabric. Worn for warmth, as a head scarf, to cover your shoulders or arms and my favourite purpose - fashion.

My scarves live in one of my dressing table drawers. The drawer is too full and I always lose scarves down the back of the drawers but it is a nice feeling when I find them. :p
I picked a few of my favourites...

1. This is a floral scarf from H&M that adds pattern and colour to a simple outfit. It wasn't too expensive, I think about £6 or £7. It is a cotton material with a crinkley effect to it.
2. This Leopard print scarf is from M&S. It is actually the mothers but I stole it a few months ago and she hasn't noticed. I used to hate animal print especially leopard print as I thought it was a bit Pat Butcher (Google this is you are not from the UK and you will understand all). I love it with a simple black outfit or tied on to a bag. The scarf is sheer and was about £12, I think. It is a good ten years old at least.
3. I love this scarf with my navy raincoat, it is a bright pink scarf with orange thread detail through it. It is a nice splash of colour and is really cosy which is good for the Scottish winters! Especially battling the wind in Edinburgh when I am at uni!
4. My 'love heart' scarf from Accessorise. This is just a silky material that I like to wear with a plain dress or a cardigan and jeans. It was £15 and seems to have lasted pretty well.
5. This scarf I absolutely love! It was a present for my twentieth birthday from my mum and dad. It is from Oasis and was about £27, I think, not sure as it was a gift. I absolutely love it - the colours, the sheer fabric, everything. It is just a gorgeous scarf that works with a whole load of items.
6. This pink H&M scarf has been in my collection for three nearly four years now and it is had worn amazingly well. I didn't actually expect it to last this well. It has two shades of pink, some black, white and grey. It wasn't too expensive and looks gorgeous with little dresses or jeans.
7. This silk scarf is from River Island. It is navy with lots of random pictures on it. There are cats, witches, trees, stars... loads of different things. I love it, it is quirky and a perfect example of a scarf adding interest to an outfit. Keep it simple and add this, hey presto you have a point of interest!
8. This is just a plain black, crinkle effect scarf from H&M that I wear religiously in the winter. It goes with my coats and keeps me warm which is all I really ask of this scarf really. It wasn't too expensive either.

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