Sunday, 20 June 2010

What's in my weekend bag...

This weekend I was away with some of my family & some of my cousins friends to stay at a house we had rented & go to the Races which was a super day, even made some money!
So I thought I would do a what's in my weekend bag post just for something a little bit different.
I am a serious over pack - I have improved recently on not over packing clothes but beauty products & make up seem to be my downfall at the moment.

In this heap I have my playsuit, leggings, tights, a grey cardigan, a pink cardigan, blazer, Bag, shoes, hair dryer, straightners, comb, brush and two necklaces. A pair of wedges and my studded pumps.

Ridiculous number of products that I took, I ended up being so lazy that I only used about six of them! Some of them are obvious essentials but others are just not required for two nights away!

This is the make up I took with me. I brought six lipsticks with me - two of which are exactly the same colour! I took stuff that I knew I would use but thought well maybe I will, I didn't use it!

Aswell as all this junk I took the basics. Jammies, phone charger, underwear. as Rebecca Bloomwood says in Confessions of a Shopoholic "Underwear is a basic human right."
So not an overly exciting post but I am tired & a little hungover after one too many tequilas last night so I hope you all had a lovely weekend x


  1. I've always thought about doing a post where I take pictures of what's in my bag. But I always just have receipts and gum. Not too exciting. I love my NARS products though have you tried their shadow pencils?

  2. I love seeing what's in peoples bags :p I always have a load of rubbish in the bottom! Love Nars, I haven't may have to check them out :)


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