Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The World's a Stage

I felt like doing a post about costume jewellery today for some reason partly because I love it and partly because I secretly want to see other peoples costume jewellery!
Costume Jewellery are fun and quirky pieces that don't tend to be to expensive or to understated, most of the time.
I love buying costume jewellery from places like Topshop, H&M, Wallis are good for statement rings and little boutiques that have different pieces that everyone won't end up owning as they can be one of a kind pieces.
Bangles, Bracelets & cuffs...

These are some of my favourites. The black & clear bracelet at the front was bought by my brother for me in Paris and I love it - because he bought it for me and because it is just gorgeous. The silver chain bracelet is from Wallis and was bought for me by my mum as a well done present. It is really different and I get loads of compliments when i wear it.
The turquoise bangles wee cheap from New Look & look really pretty with a white sundress. The floral bangle came with a set from Miss Selfridge and was about £12 for the set. It adds a little girly, floral touch to an outfit.
The two gold cuffs are favourites of mine. The one on top is from Topshop a few years ago and was about £12, I think. It has worn really well and looks gorgeous with everything really! The final chain link cuff is from Primark last year. It was about £2, I bought it to wear to my leaving night from work.
A celebrity fan of bangles & bracelets is Delta Goodrem - she always seems to have layered up bangles.

Some of my favourite necklaces. The Green necklace on the gold chain was my Granny's & I love wearing it just because it is from Dior and belonged to my Granny who I love & miss very much. The twisted gold necklace is three years ago Topshop but has worn really well, surprisingly. I love it with blazers & jeans and recently had a trip to an interview.
My 'Emma' necklace is a staple in my wardrobe. I love it! I was inspired by, you'll never guess who.... Carrie Bradshaw & bought myself this necklace two years ago. It is a little tarnished and I accidentally snapped it in half once so it was 'Em' and 'Ma but it was glued back together & is still live and kicking. I think a new one may be in order!
This silver necklace is stunning, the photograph doesn't pick up in sparkle of the stones at all but it is truly stunning. This was a Birthday present for my 18th from my mum & dad. It came with some matching studs to.
The final necklace is from Oasis three years ago and is gold with gold love hearts on it. It is sort of quirky and different and goes with loads of stuff.
Eva Mendes is a fan of adding statement necklaces to outfits for a little added detail.


The top pearl, they are a little difficult to notice, are pearls that I inherited from my Granny & I love wearing them. They are really simple & elegant.
The turquoise earrings are from H&M and were about £2, I love these earrings & had wanted a pair for ages. The only downside is they are really heavy and hurt my ears a little!
The gold, fuchsia and cobalt blue dangly earrings are from Oasis and were sitting on the counter when I was paying, I spotted them & had to have them! Total impulse buy but 100% worth it. The silver four disc earrings are old school Topshop, they are about four years old, and look gorgeous with really plain, simple outfits. The final pair are also from Topshop. I got them for my Birthday last year and love them. They are a little noisy as the three leaves aren't joined so they jingle a lot.
Lo Bosworth of The Hills is a statement earrings fan as well as a cocktail ring fan.

I love cocktail rings. I think rings might be my favourite pieces of jewellery. I threw a lot away recently as they were tarnished & old so I have a nice little collection stored in my white leather jewellery box.
The black cocktail ring is Topshop a la 2007 and I love it - it is chunky, eye catching and goes with practically everything. The pink dress ring was my Great Grandmother and is so delicate and pretty. Whenever I wear it it gets lots of compliments.
The pearl ring set in gold is from accessorize last year and was about £6, it has own really well and gives outfits a classic sort of feel. Next is my 'love' ring from Accessorize about a year ago - it is really tarnished but I love (ha get it :p) too much to get rid of it.
The final ring is from H&M this year. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours are looks gorgeous with a tan. This was about £3 and I wear it all the time.
Olivia Palermo of The City is a big cocktail ring fan as is Lo Bosworth.
What are some of your favourite costume jewellery pieces? x

Also, a big hello and thank you to my new followers :D let me know what you would like to see more of & what I should veto! xx


  1. What a fab idea for a post, i love the necklace that was your grans, its really pretty. I might do a little post like this x

  2. Thanks :) you should! I love seeing peoples jewels :p x

  3. Great collection you got there, I'm a bangle girl myself, I love your pieces.

    Thanks for the comment!

    Love Ms Stef...


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