Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I shopped...

I did a bit of shopping last night, didn't get too much but what I did get I love so it was a successful shopping trip.

I got this black and white striped jacket from H&M for £19.99 - bargain. I love it, it is a bit different and can be worn in loads of ways.

I also got this playsuit from Topshop. There wasn't actually a sale on but this was in the last chance section so I snapped it up. It was meant to be £35 then £15 and when I got to the till it was £10. Bargain! It is a size too big for me but the mother is going to take it in for me and I think I will wear it to the Races this weekend.

I bought another top but I did like it on. It wasn't anything special so it is going back.
It felt so good to buy things, I haven't bought new clothes in so long! x


  1. gorgeous haul! love the playsuit bargain!


  2. That jacket is fab, i love it x

  3. I would LOVE to buy this jacket from you at reasonable price. It is really needed. contact me at blauren89@yahoo.com ♥

  4. Aw I'm sorry, I don't have this jacket anymore! You might find it on ebay maybe. Sorry! x


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