Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bags a good 'in

Continuing with the 'favourites' series that I have been doing recently I thought I would move onto some of my favourite bags.

I love bags. Bags and shoes are just amazing especially if they have something a little bit quirky about them. My bags are either big, over sized numbers or ickle dinky jobs. I don't really have any inbetweeners.


I only really use the beige & purple clutch from Topshop which can be used as a shoulder bag as well and the Primark black bag with the chain which can be a made into a clutch. The other two were bought for special occasions from Wallis & have yet to see another event! My favourites would have to be the Wallis bags just because they are true occasion bags. The black framed bag on the far left is a satin material & the one in the middle is sequins which I got for my school prom. They are just really dinky & special.

A leopard print clutch is on my wish list at the moment. Not sure why, I just really want one!

Day Bags...

Day bags for me are 9 times out of ten big. I love being able to throw all the junk I need in my bag and go. I tend to stick with neutral colours as they go with everything but every now and then I go for something a bit brighter and a bit different.

The two blue bags are Topshop, the grey bag is from Oasis and was a present at Christmas time, the black bag at the back is from Topshop and is leather. The 'Chanel' bag at the front it from Miss Selfridge and has been used so much the strap is close to breaking!

I really want a red or turquoise day bag at the moment. I have been searching for a red bag for ages but haven't found one that I am totally in love with.

Weekend bag...

This is my weekend bag that you will have seen before. It is from Marks and Spencers and was bought by my lovely mother as a moving out present (I think she bought it so that I would return every now and again!) I love it, it is massive inside, a gorgeous colour and always gets loads of compliments.

Some designers bags I am lusting after...

Currently I don't own any designer bags, being a poor student and all :p so I spend my time lusting after these ones.

This Miu Miu bag.

Chloe 'Gemma' bag which Olivia Palermo is often seen with. I love it, so classic & gorgeous plus made by a favourite designer of mine!

Finally, this bag from Luella seen on Rachel Bilson.

What are your favourtie desinger bags & high street bags? x

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