Sunday, 10 May 2009

Emma Rigby Dress Envy

In the papers today there were pictures from the soap awards, the dresses were super bright and some were really nice. One I liked in particular was Emma Rigby, Hannah from Hollyoaks. Sometimes her style is a tad 'wag-ish' but whatever! Her dress is so vibrant and pretty plus I love her back accessorises.
After a little google I came across pictures of some other outfits she has worn in the past ...
This dress is loveee - I actually like it more than the one above. Its really feminine and classic but the bright pink gives it a modern edge.
This outfit, below, I really love (notice how I 'love' everything!) anyways, its really young after all she is only 19, its pretty simple as well but I like simple.

This wasn't a very good post - sorry - I'm not really feeling inspired at the moment, think I may be stressing about my exam on Wednesday. Hopefully after that I will be back on track :)

Emma Rigby has good style and a good name :D lol x


  1. good luck with your exam. My first one is a week on wednesday. Scared! xo

  2. I saw this too and think she is verging on perfect! Girl crush alert! Claire from eastenders= worst dress! x

  3. @Tabitha Thank you :D You'll do fine :) Good Luck x

    @Natalia I know - I love her hair - it is amazing!! Yeh hers was pretty bad did she not fall out the car or something lol. Jennifer Metcalfes was pretty bad too x

  4. is emma's dress temperley??? i want it for a wedding i'm going to?!?!

  5. I think she's absolutely gorgeous. Shame about her acting skills, ha.

  6. @zzzoe84

    Agree! Its embarassing when she "crys" lol. x


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