Friday, 15 May 2009

Slacks in the City

I apologise for the post name - it was the most 'creative' thing I could come up with. My deepest apologies!!
Olivia Palmero has amazing clothes - I have posted before about this but I saw this picture of her out in New York recently and had to post about her trousers.
She has own some drain pipe black trousers which skim her ankles. They are really smart and functional but still fashionable!
Olivia has them on with a blazer, obviously we all saw that one coming, a blouse and I think she has a waistcoat on as well. Some YSL tribute shoes and some accessories.
The trousers are very Audrey Hepburn, in my opinion, which is never a bad thing!
I think they are really versatile and easy to wear. Plus, they are a change from jeans! x


  1. I love the trousers! I wonder if I can get my arse in a pair! ;)


  2. @Marie

    LOL same - my legs would look like two sausage which is not attractive :)


  3. They have gorgeous trousers like these in zara at the mo very cheap!

  4. @Av

    oo I might check them out although I'm not sure I could rock them :( x


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