Saturday, 2 May 2009

Wardrobe Envy

I have posted loads of times before about Lily Allen's clothes and today is going to be another one!
At first I thought, at first, that Lily had a play suit on but after seeing another picture it is actually a long wrap dress. I love it - it is really simple and ladylike. I love the Chanel necklace as well.

OMG MAJORRRRR wardrobe envy for this one! It is so nice! I love her LBD, green jacket, blue Chanel bag ugh I just love it! Its really simple again but the jacket and bag make it more of a statement.



  1. I want Lily's wardrobe :)

  2. I am actually looking for a long sleeved maxi dress for winter. The wrap one she is wearing would be great in winter paired with a leather jacket.
    Ah how I adore her style, and her Chanel collection

  3. @Talluluhbella

    i would kill for it lol x

  4. @diamonsinchampagne

    it would look awesome!

    i know and her shoe collection :) x

  5. She's the new face of Chanel isn't she.. Lucky girl :p

  6. @Shortiee31

    yeh, I think its for the handbags! Jealous doesn't come close to explaing how i feel lol :D x


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