Monday, 25 May 2009

Love Love LV Today ...

The titles only that because the advert came on while I was writing this so I'm not copying - Liverpool Victoria advert song!

Anyways, this is just a random post because I've not done anything exciting or really that interesting for a while so I thought I would post about things I am really into at the moment.

1. Jeans, t shirt & cardi

I have actually been wearing this a lot recently - probably something to do with my massive collection of cardigans & t shirts and the fact that I have been really lazy.

Its really comfy and cute plus doesn't take much effort!

A favourite look of Rachel Bilson (Pictured), Lauren Conrad and me :D Although most pictures Rachel and Lauren don't have a cardigan on - probably something to do with the LA weather being better than the Glasgow weather!

2. Bright Nails

Bright corals, pinks, red - they look pretty and summery. I'm actually thinking about getting Barry M turquoise and maybe some others. Dark nails are not happening just now. Brights FTW!

3. Audrina's summer dresses

Audrina doesn't normally go for pretty, girly clothes but I love her summer dresses!

They are really simple and pretty plus her silver pumps are cute. These are perfect for hot LA weather but to wear them in Glasgow I think a cardigan and some leggings may be required unless there is a freak heat wave (fingers crossed!)

4. Marmaduke Duke Rubber lover

I love this song - its so catchy and up beat. If you haven't heard it go and listen - pure awesome!

5. Earrings
I used to have a thing for wearing earrings but I kind of forgot about them until recently. While tidying my room I discovered a large stash of earrings that I had totally forgotten about! I'm getting back into them again and thinking about getting my ears pierced a second time (again - closed up the last time :( ! ) and maybe getting the top of my ear pierced :D

6. Effy from Skins Make up
Her glittery eye shadow, teal liner, black smokey eye - I really love her make up! I never watched the programme but am considering it now just for make up inspiration LOL.
Whats everyone loving right now? x


  1. Jeans with a t-shirt and cardi has the be the best comfort outfit i know! Without giving up on looks of course! xo

  2. @Tabitha Sheridan

    Agreed! :D I could wear it everyday of the week lol x

  3. i love effy-skins is a must see x


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