Friday, 29 May 2009

In & Out Twenty Eight

Not done one of these in ages so I thought I would :D
Whats in For Friday
  • Passing my exam :D
  • Barry M Grey polish - nice change from black
  • The gorgeous weather - it is sooooo hot

Whats out for Friday

  • The hotness meaning my drink gets hot meaning I have wasted money on a drink I didn't drink :
  • My lack of summer wardrobe



  1. hey ya dont know me but i love reading your blog... awwh well done on passing your exam i have tons of college work to do glad i dont have exams tho :D

    and i know the feelin of not having a summer wardrobe .. i hear a shopping spree :D
    take a look at my blog
    x x x

  2. @Kirsti

    Thanks :D can't wait for summer!


  3. same here iv been loving the sun lately out in the garden sunbathing :D

    just hopes it last

  4. thankyou for being my first follower :D

  5. Hi ,

    I've just found your blog . . . it's amazing keep up the awsome work!

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    Many Thanks

    Eloise x
    Love your blog ! :)
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  6. Hi, wow fab blg hun, thanks for commenting on mine. I have both of those Barry M polishes, the grey is gorgeous. My floral blouse is from Select of all places, its the first item of clothing i've bought from there in years ands it super cute. x


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