Saturday, 30 May 2009

Whats new pussycat wow wow wow....

This is just a post about whats been going on lately :)

Still at college, I have about three weeks left but have a pile of work up to my ears to be getting on with! But I passed my exam as I said in my previous post, got a B, second highest grade in the year & highest in my class :D Geek features = Emma!

So all I need to do now is pass my three classes and I will have met my conditional for uni :D

Today, actually this weekend I'm off work so I'm tidying my room and getting some college work done, enjoying the sunshine and possibly going out tonight but we will see.

I haven't bought anything clothes or make up related in a week apart from two Barry M Nail paints - in grey adn turquoise. I love the grey (not tried the turquoise!).

Please excuse my stubby, red looking hands & the bad lighting!

As I mentioned the spending diet is going well but I am going to have to break it a little as I need black shoes and a few summery bits! Tbh I think I deserve them for doing well in my exam (any excuse!)

Anyways on to some sad news, this morning there was a little accident in my room ....
sadly not everything came out ok! There was a major injury on my Me Me Me Shimmy Shimmer :'(
So sad .... only joking!
It was totally my fault - my bull in a china shop way of movement.The shimmy shimmer went flying as did the MAC blush palette but there was only one minor injury there :D.
I'm putting some stuff up on ebay soon. Once it is set up I will post a link.
Oh, thank you to my 99 followers! Greatly appreciated :D
Whats new with everyone else? Take care x


  1. Well done on your exam result! Thats fantastic. :D You defo deserve the new shoes and summer stuff. :) xxx

  2. Congratulations on your exam!! xo

  3. @WinterBlossom Thank you :D I think I do too lol x

    @Tabitha Sheridan Thank you :D x


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