Friday, 8 May 2009

In & Out Twenty Seven

I Haven't done one of these for ages or posted since Monday but I'm a tad stressed got my big exam on Wednesday and the panic is setting is - never good! But I apologise and normal posting will resume shortly :D Oo don't I sound posh lol
Whats in for Friday
  • OPI Lincoln park after dark - been wearing this non stop for about two weeks!
  • My Blazer - loveee it :D
  • Calvin Klein Eternity Moment
Whats out for Friday
  • The weather - it was sooo windy yesterday I nearly got blown over! It rains constantly and is freezing - feels like November not May!
  • Exam looming - studying is proving difficult but it has to be done :
  • My need to go shopping - I haven't had a huge splurge since I got paid and the money is starting to burn a whole in my pocketttt
  • MAC foundation is toooooo heavy for my face - tinted moisturiser is needed asap

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