Thursday, 21 May 2009

Outfit 7

This picture is about two weeks old maybe, it was on my camera but I forgot about it!
I have on my Topshop rose print tulip skirt with black tights, a Topshop black vest top, My mango blazer - which I changed for a cardigan, after realising it made my look a wide as the Clyde with the skirt - and a H&M skinny patent belt.
The cardigan I put on was a long line black number from, you'll never guess wear .....

I also saw this picture in Glamour and really loved the outfit.

It is just black trousers, a white best, a grey cardigan and black knitted waistcoat - it was meant to show layering! To be honest I think it does and it looked really smart - I would wear it!! x

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