Friday, 10 July 2009

Erin V Olivia

I love Erin and Olivia's style but for totally different reasons. Erin has a more rock-ish style where as Olivia is very feminine, with classic cuts and always seems to sporting designer clothing.
They both have fun with their clothes; Erin with colours and Olivia with accessories (in particular statement necklaces and rings)
I saw this picture of the two of them at an event and like what they are wearing for different reasons.

I like Erin's outfit because its so bright and eye catching. She hasn't added any distractions from the play suit, everything has been kept really simple but it works!
How good are her legs!! Leg envy ha :D
Olivia's outfit is a little more Conservative, I guess you could say. The main thing I love about her outfit is the dress - I'm not a fan of animal print normally but this is really pretty and can be dressed up or down.
Olivia has kept everything else realllly simple including her hair making the dress the focal point.
They have both gone for a key piece but have done it in different ways.
Who's outfit do you like best? Who wardrobe would you like to steal? (I would say both really! Can never have too many clothes lol!)


  1. How short is Olivia?! I prefer Erin's outfit, LOVE that colour! Olivia has some great outfits too but I'm not keen on that one, it looks a bit old compared to Erin's which is young, fresh and vibrant! xxx

  2. @Amy I know she is tiny although Erin does have massive shoes on. Agree plus Erin's a much nicer person! :D x


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