Friday, 10 July 2009

A few bits & Pieces

I went to shopping and picked up a few bits so here goes ...
I went to Boots and got some Dove summer glow because I had ran out. I also got Rimmel Tangerine queen nail polish - so bright and summery :D I wanted to try out a cheaper powder and concealer seen as I'm feeling a tad strapped for cash so I looked at the 17 stuff. I picked up the pressed powder in neutral and the hide away concealer on medium. I will let you know how I get on with these. As I bought two 17 products I got a free make up bag with a little mirror, nail file, polish and metallic pencil inside. The pencil is gorgeous <3

My mum treated me to a M&S leather weekend bag for doing well at college etc so I picked the red one. It looks really cheap in the photo but I assure you its real leather and not cheap looking! ha I really love it, all I need now is somewhere to go!

Finally, I got this orange and white striped v-neck tee from Gap for £2.99 - total bargain!!
That's was all I got - wasn't in the mood to shop around really. I think I may be sick! ha


  1. Oooh I didn't think of asking my mum to buy me things for doing well at college... hmm.. "Muuuuum mum, do you fancy going shopping today?" :D x x x

  2. @Suzie haha my mum was like I'll get you something. Just be like muuuum, you know how I did really well this year I was wondering... haha :D x

  3. I love this Marks and Sparks weekend bags, i need to go away more to justify one! x

  4. i have your M&S bag in pink. very handy for weekends but its also the perfect size for your hand luggage on a plane:) xxx


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