Sunday, 5 July 2009

TAG: Honest Scrap

I was tagged by the gorgeous Tabitha Sheridan to do this tag so here goesss....
Basically I have to tell you 10 things that you may not know about me but that are true.

Number one ... My birthday is on halloween

Number two ... I finished school two years ago but have spent two years at college because for the last 3 years at school I messed around and didn't care about school at all. I am back on track now however and am going to uni in september :D

Number three ... I am always listening to music. When I get up in the morning I put music, I listen to it pretty much all the time. Life is boring without music. I love it when you hear a song and think of good times.

Number four ... I only drink Pepsi, not a coke fan.

Number five ... I'm 5'8 - don't know if you know that or not.

Number six ... According to my friends I am attracted to "dirty, indie boys that look like they need a wash" Sadly this is verrrry true :

Number seven ... I live in the countryside in a farm house. I always wanted to live in a street like veryone else when I was growing up but now I don't care as much.

Number eight ... my dad was born in Northern Ireland and my mum was born in Stornoway

Number nine ... I enjoy my own company. Basically sometimes I like to be on my own and just do my own thing.

Number ten ... its not a big dream of mine to get married. If I meet someone and they want to marry me and I want to marry them, then I will but if we never marry but are together then that is fine with me.

I tag ...

anyone that wants to do this :D



  1. haha im exactly like you on number 6 :)

  2. I would love to live in a farm house i'm so jealous, i hate living in the city its just so much more calming being surrounded by nature (i sound very hippy-ish dont i!) Oh and i totally agree with number 3, i couldnt go a day without listening to music or singing :) xx

  3. I like being on my own too - my boyfriend hates it but sometimes you just need some 'you time' to do whatever you want :) x

  4. @Suzannah haha someone has to be attracted to them. My friends are always like but he looks like he needs a bath really badly!lol

    @LoveAtFirstBite swap? A tad hippy-ish but I understand what you mean :D

    @TalluluhBella Its good to be on your own sometimes otherwise I would kill someone just coz they are bugging me :D x

  5. definately with you on number 9!! xxx


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