Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Megan Fox

I've never been a Megan Fox fan - don't know why - just never really been a fan! I will say she looks stunning at Giorgio Armani Prive show in Paris

Its very Old Hollywood, to me, red lips, soft curls, fitted dress - I love it!

She looks so classy and pretty. It reminds me of something that Scarlett Johannsson would wear and there is a touch of Angelina Jolie about it.

What does everyone else think? x


  1. The Foxter does tend to dress in clothes that are a bit cheap looking but she has stepped up her game her. She is stunning and oozes sex appeal so I'm glad she has chanelled old hollywood style in this pic

  2. @Liparazzi the foxter - that made me chuckle lol. I agree, her clothes look a bit nasty but I'm loving the old hollywood-ness here. Not a fan but I'll give her points for this one ha :D x

  3. i agree her dress is really lovely


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