Friday, 3 July 2009

In and Out Thirty

Whats in for Friday ....

  • My new Converse coming - they are "raspberry" basically a hot pink colour and I love them ... picture to follow :D

  • 17 Caribbean Coral nail polish. A really pretty vibrant colour. I have a Rimmel coral but that is more pink, this one is more orange and I love it

  • V neck tees - wayyy better than round necks ha. I have bought loads of these recently, have no clue why but me lovesss.

  • Lo Bosworth's outfit. Lauren was wearing a sequin skirt, over sized blazer combo that I wasn't really a massive fan of prefer Lo's much more. Although she could have put a bit of make up on like mascara - looks like she has none on. Just my opinion :D

Whats out for Friday ....

Faith site not accepting my bank card : no wedges as of yet. Not impressed!


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  1. Tagged you hun, cant wait to see your wedges when you get them x


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