Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Yay or nay?

Anyone else think that Scarlett looks a bit like a secretary at the Mango launch?

She looked amazing in the promo pictures she shot for Mango but I'm not so keen on this. I mean its nice but its a bit blah! Also, the high neckline makes her looks extremely top heavy in my opinion.

What does everyone else think? x


  1. Nay, I totally agreee, far too office worker for a celeb event, not good for Mango, not good for Scarlett, but she often is quite "sensible" in what she wears x x

  2. @Suzie Yeah she plays its safe a lot. Sometimes she wears really amazing 'Old Hollywood' style stuff. Still love her though ha :D x

  3. i agree with you but her new hair looks nice though

  4. It's a 'meh' from me - not offensive, but not the best. And I miss the blonde hair. The brunette looks nice, but the blonde is much more striking.


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